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This poem was written during the process and construction of the concept in my recent project.

I prepare for the journey ahead of me by stepping into a vehicle. 

On the road, I pay attention to the environment around me.

I watched the fog emerge from the grounds before dusk 

and dissipate as the sun began to rise. 


With nature around me, I begin to lose thoughts of the city.

I stop to rest and recover before returning to the road.

All the people in the car begin to become transparent. 

We lose track of time, and nature allows us to. 


My destination rises over the horizon, just below the sun. 

The city is dense and full of hope, but my feeling is short-lived.

I feel like it is missing something, something that has become vestigial.

The experience I had on the road, that feeling. Yes, that’s it. 


So, how can I bring that feeling to the city? 

How do I experience the feeling of where I am at with the people I am with?  

The space that I seek to create allows for a moment in time,

A moment from the past and the future discovered in the present. 

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